Weekend Workshop for Practitioners 09.23.11- 09.25.11

Design & Automation: Python for Practitioners Weekend Workshop, an introduction to Iron Python and Python for Rhino 5.0 with an emphasis on automation and integration with design tools for architectural practice.

Topics : Automation, Parametrics and Digital Fabrication




Friday September 23 4pm-7pm

Saturday September 24 10am-5pm

Sunday September 25 10am-1pm


Professionals – $399, $450 (after Sept 16)

Students – $199,  $250  (after Sept 16)


Blank Spaces
1450 2nd St.
Santa Monica,CA 90401


09.23.11 – Introductions / Software Install / Cocktails

09.24.11 – Intro to IronPython / Python for Rhino 5.0

09.25.11 – Future Python-Integration of Rhino Python with Python for Revit and other Software for Practitioners


Skylar Tibbits, SJET

German W Aparicio Jr, informedCITIES

10 Responses “Weekend Workshop for Practitioners 09.23.11- 09.25.11” →
  1. Where is the conference being held? How much Python experience does someone need to have to make it worthwhile?

    • Hi William,

      Workshop will be held in Santa Monica. Space is limited so you should receive details about exact location in an email in the next few weeks after signing up. This workshop is intro level and therfore, we do not expect any python or programming experience. We look forward to having you participate.

  2. Where exactly is the event taking place?

    • Hi William,

      We are planning on having the workshop at Blank Spaces 1450 2nd St. Santa Monica, CA 90401. We will be in one of the small conference rooms. Please sign up ahead fo time as space is limited. We look forward to having you participate.

  3. hi,

    i signed up – was wondering if a laptop is required – or if there would be workstations available at the venue. thank you!

    • Hi Yasushi,

      Good question, please bring your own laptop. We will be installing the required software i.e (Rhino 5, Autodesk Revit) for this workshop. We look forward to having you.

  4. A little more notice would be in order. I have a Mac laptop and I’ll dig out my copy of Windows XP. Will that run these programs?

  5. hi,

    i do not currently own a laptop and am trying to check out one from the office (i use a desktop pc at work), but there’s possibility that the cpu and ram on those won’t be that great…
    if worse comes to worst, would there be some possibility for back up…?
    sorry to bother… i’ll try to avoid the situation as much as possible.

  6. i figured out something… sorry for spamming…


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