Please register for Python for Rhino on Sept 23-25th, 2011 at: https://python4rhino5.wordpress.com/

Cost: Professionals $399.99 , Students $199.99 (Early Registration, before Sept 16)

Professionals $450.00 , Students $250.00 (After Sept 16)

Instructors: Skylar Tibbits, SJET & German Aparicio, informedCITIES
Skylar is a lecturer at MIT’s Architecture Department, the Founder/Principal of SJET LLC and a 2011 TED Fellow. German is the founder of informedCITIES, currently teaches at the California College of Arts and UC Berkeley and recently awarded Autodesk’s IDEA studio Residency Award.

Why Rhino? Why Scripting? Why Python? Why Professionals?
Workshop will provide an introduction to Python for Rhino/Revit. Topics covered will include:
Running Scripts, Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Flow Control and Tuples/Lists/Dictionaries.

Workshop will concentrate on IronPython for Rhino 5.0 and touch on workflow to Autodesk Revit.

Workshop is designed for Rhino users new to scripting, Rhinoscript (VB) users looking to convert to Python or Python users looking to use Rhino. Users looking to improve design workflow between Rhino to Revit. The goal is to give attendees an understanding the basics of programming, how to write simple scripts, automate tasks and generate geometry.

In addition, the workshop will introduce Rhino 5 WIP, Rhinoscript, Monkey, Ironpython, RevitPythonShell.
Before the training: please download and install Rhino 5 WIP.
(Rhino 4 is required on the computer for the Rhino 5 WIP download and install.)

**Note: There will be many visual and geometric examples that allow participants to create/manipulate/iterate on Rhino geometry (points, lines, surfaces) and grasp each of the topics!

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing workshop details

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